Kiplinger Program in Public Affairs Reporting

I’m visiting Ohio State University this week to talk with a group of 25 journalists from around the country who are here attending the Kiplinger Program in Public Affairs Journalism

The Kiplinger program offers short-term fellowships to help make better use of new online tools. This one’s about a week and we’re talking social media, personal branding and cutting through the clutter.

I know it’s going to be crazy fun and I’ll have much more to say after I meet everyone.

But this post is to share the resources and tools from my talks.

RESOURCES: The slides below are for this week’s sessions.

And here are more resources about personal branding: JAWS Branding U. That’s a blog I put together in the fall for JAWS Camp – a conference for women journalists. There is lots more at that page on personal branding.

Cutting through the clutter handout (PDF)
More info on Personal Branding for Journalists


And there we go. It was a great couple of days in Ohio. The Kiplinger Program was wonderful. I leave feeling a little jealous of the fellows who will be together the rest of the week. But I’m headed home.

Brutus Buckeye and me

I made many friends at Kiplinger including Brutus Buckeye.

I always learn something new after a presentation – either about presenting, teaching, sharing. Or I have an insight about the topic.

Two things stand out from yesterday’s session.

1. Everyone truly does have some unique wonderfulness inside. And until they get comfortable with whatever that is, it doesn’t matter what they are trying to do with the stuff around the edges.

2. Don’t forget to fill my pockets with breath mints.

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