Mom Loved

Mom loved the girl with the pearl earring
Mom loved a crowded and happy living room 
Mom loved a long drive to a leisurely lunch

Mom loved me

~ Robin J. Phillips, May 2023

May promises to be a tough month. Mom’s bday, Mother’s Day, the anniversary of her last day. I wrote this simple verse as May approached or should I say it wrote me. It’s a nice reminder.

Calling Joan

I felt the need to call Joan today
My favorite aunt
died not long ago
at 98
a legacy or responsibility 
to strive for 98
her smile was still
broad and bright 
not ready quite
to let her go
I felt the need 
to call today 

Robin J Phillips, Saturday, Dec. 17, 2022


Please, I said to my dog
Who leaned in close
Wrapping his neck around my neck

Please, I said to my brothers
Who don’t talk about our parents
Who are gone but still hover above nearby

Please, to my cousins
Who have the blood of our blood
The stories of our families 

Please, I say to all my cells
To my breath to the end
To all I’m made of

And please again to my dog 
Who snuggles close
Whispering, whatever you need
I am here

Robin J Phillips  April 26, 2020



Waiting for my dog to tire of his tennis ball
I lean back and watch the trees
Layer upon layer
Blowing in the wind
I sway with them

Robin J Phillips  May 7, 2020