I Google+ into Tom Bigler Journalism Conference 2012

Social Media journalist toolkit

Click on the image to learn more about adding social media to your journalism toolkit.

I’m wrapping up a presentation for Wilkes University Tom Bigler Journalism Conference 2012, which is an event for high school students interested in journalism.

This is such a fun event and I’ve never even been in person. Last year, I Skyped in and this year, we’re planning to do a Google+ hangout. I can see the students, they can see me and I can share a presentation or anything I want to show them on my desktop. Ooops. Better clean that desktop.

Click the image or word “presentation” above to see my slides.  The final is full of more places to go learn more about social media and journalism.  Here they are:

• Teaching Online Journalism  – 4-part slideshows by Mindy McAdams

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