I Love You Will Have to Do

There should be a word for the pause
Right before we laugh together
The little moment 
When our eyes 
meet and we realize
Nothing more needs to be said

Nature turned this sand trap into a Valentine.

There should be a word
For that breath we share
As you sing
A cowboy song into my ear
Swaying to the rhythm 
Before our lips 
Our lips
The breath
Right before we hold
Our breath

There is no word
So, my love, 
I love you 
Will have to do.

~ Robin J. Phillips, Feb. 13, 2021

My Lonely Is a New Puppy

Did I ask for a lonely for Christmas?
I don’t remember putting that on the list
But OK thanks Santa
I’ll take some time to decorate
My lonely

For my lonely, I think I’ll add
some friends from far away 
to wave at on the little screen 
I’ll celebrate with shrimp cocktail 
(I’ve never made one but I’m sure I can) 

And maybe I’ll buy my lonely a new puppy 
to join my old dog 
They can smother me with kisses

~ Robin J Phillips, Dec. 22, 2020

‘Rona, Week 35

This has been going on so long and is all so familiar that people have created a cutsie nickname for the danger outside.

Seems like we’ve hit the sand
In this long-distance run
Knee-deep in water
We push forward
Leaning in at the waist
Making progress
Still holding hands

~ Robin J. Phillips, Nov. 15, 2020