14 Months

My Mom made a baby in 14 months
Well, it only took 9 
But I was 14 months old
When my baby brother was born
And then he was the baby
What did that make me at 14 months
A very small second mother 
A pint-sized good girl
A wee lass who could 
Take care of herself pretty well

It’s been 14 months 
Since my Mom died 
No longer pint-sized
Some days I still feel overwhelmed
I am that wee lass
Longing for my mother
To pick me up

Robin J. Phillips  July 27, 2020

Dimming of the Day

What a perfect end
To a  perfect day
With my perfect dog
Sitting on my feet
As we gaze outside
Toward the shiny lake
And the quiet light
Says good night
Good night

Robin J Phillips  July 1, 2020

Daily Exercise

I’m going to walk 
As far as I can
As briskly as I like
Until I run into a crowd
Of people playing cards
At picnic tables
Sitting at a distance
Over-eager in their 
Pursuit of fun
Their need for companionship
And then I’ll turn 
At a quickened pace
To the safety
Of my home

Robin J Phillips  June 30, 2020

14 Weeks in Lockdown

This was the week 
My dreams 
Turned to Covid-19
In one I showed up at the airport
But had forgotten to pack a mask
No store in the terminal sold one
In another dream the people I was talking with
(Perhaps about a new business opportunity at the airport)
Stood     really      far        away

Robin J Phillips  June 26, 2020