Social Media presentation for high school journalists

I was honored recently to be asked by Wilkes University sophomore Kirstin Cook to teach a session at a day-long workshop for high school journalism students. Honored and a little confused since I am in Phoenix and WilkesU is in Pennsylvania. But it was simple. I put together a Google docs presentation and we hooked up via Skype. The Skype share screen tool worked wonders. Kristin was a great assistant, in the room with the students, and I received a round of applause when it was over.
So you wanna be a journalist?

It was fun to create a presentation for teenagers who are interested in journalism, but most likely only understand social media as a personal tool.

Feel free to share: Wilkes University Tom Bigler Journalism Conference.

Applause is always welcome.

One thought on “Social Media presentation for high school journalists

  1. The session was a great success! We had some great feedback from the students. On their evaluations, they gave ratings of ‘excellent’ and ‘good.’ Many of the students left comments saying the presentation was informative and interesting, and that they learned a lot from it. They thought using Skype was a great idea. Also, it was so great to see how many ratings were given for ‘engaging,’ because that is really an accomplishment for not even being in the room! We are so grateful that Robin was able to participate and that it went over so well.

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