You are already part of the web journalism community

I’ve been so involved with online journalism for so long that I forget we don’t all think of ourselves as online journalists.

Online? Is there any other place? Any other way?

#wjchat bio Well, yes. There still are other editions of the news: paper, broadcast, radio, print magazines. But very few of those exist without an online partner, an online edition.

I was thrilled to see this post on 10,000 Words … once I got over the surprise and erased the thought bubble above my head that asked: “What? Get involved with online journalism? Who isn’t?”:

How you can get involved with the online journalism community today

This is a great, supportive community. And the post, written by Lauren Rabaino, has some good ways to get involved, start meeting others, and begin picking up new skills and sharing old ones.

For more about the weekly web journalism Twitter chat (#wjchat), which I’m very active in, check out #wjchat archives of previous weeks.

Don’t forget. You are already part of the web journalism community .. whether you like it or not.

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