SEO: Back to basic journalism

SEO Twitter kudos

I love this message from Molly Davis who had taken an SEO that I ran with Chad Graham the day before. Chad, social media editor at, and I talked about the algorithms of search engines, we coached the reporters and editors who tuned in to learn a little about their content management systems, we compared good and not-so-good headlines and URLs.

We tried to infuse the journalists with a sense of power in the whole SEO game. We wanted to explain that good SEO is really good journalism. Their job is to write clearly, thinking about how a reader would search for their story, thinking about how a reader will understand their story.

Molly Davis seems to have got it. “Unintended consequence”? Nope. Unexpected, maybe. So glad to hear that our SEO tips helped Molly do better journalism.

If you’re interested in more about our Webinar, take a look at the slides.