‘Rona, Week 35

This has been going on so long and is all so familiar that people have created a cutsie nickname for the danger outside.

Seems like we’ve hit the sand
In this long-distance run
Knee-deep in water
We push forward
Leaning in at the waist
Making progress
Still holding hands

~ Robin J. Phillips, Nov. 15, 2020 

Rustle of the Leaves

I woke to the sound of deer 
playing in the backyard  
a blanket around my 
shoulders I watched the little ones 
dashing around like children we 
never had
while the big ones 
stared up at me 
standing in the window

~ Robin J. Phillips, Nov. 14, 2020 


When our laughter went quiet
And the stories about children and dogs
And how we’ve been spending our time
Turned to plans for Thanksgiving
And thoughts of safety in a world
Full of fear
I felt a lifetime of high expectations 
Push down on our weekly call

We four children 
Making plans or not 
Carry the hopes of a lonely mother
A generous mother
Who wanted to fill her table with food
And sit a happy family 
Generations deep 
Around the room

As you boys gather children and friends
Sitting at a safe distance
Saving big bear hugs for next year 
Take a moment to look around
There she’ll be
So soft 
She could almost pass through you
So happy 
Smiling among the ancestors

~ Robin J. Phillips, Nov. 13, 2020


Today’s big treat
Came from the birds
Tiny white splats in the driveway
Each one with its own special smell
You took your time with each of those little droplets
I took my time watching you

~ Robin J. Phillips, Nov. 1, 2020


I once called this room

As I walk 
through the door today
I breathe deep my mother’s perfume
I feel her hand on mine

~ Robin J Phillips  September. 22, 2020

Mom’s Old Room

For a year now, I’ve worked and read and thought
And started my mornings 
While lying in the bed next to where my mother
Spent her final days. 
My sweet dog and I 
get up early and slip into Mom’s old room 
With a cup of coffee and a burning
Desire for peace

~ Robin J Phillips  August 11, 2020