Day 49

Sunday, Day 49 
This was the first day so far
That I felt 
Just stuck 
Stuck through the heart 
Stuck in this rut 
Stuck in a game of limbo I never asked to play

A little bit listless, a little sad, sort of lonely 
For those not here 
The ones I’ve been missing

I suppose I should be proud that it took
7 weeks 
Before I stood in the window
Staring outside
Without a thought in my head

Robin J Phillips  May 3, 2020

What I’m Looking Forward To

I want a date to the movies
Or maybe dinner with friends 
I’d really love a dance party 
With the volume up high and 
Lots of wine flowing long
Into the night

I’ll bring the Fat Belly Bella
And Jill Scott and Sade and India Arie 
You bring the gang
Friends to hug and hug
And sway and swing
For as long as we can
After our long winter’s night

~ Robin J Phillips  April 22, 2020

Pomp and Circumstance for Avi

My niece is headed to college in the fall
Whatever college may look like then
She knows her crown is set 
She’s run the race with pride
She’s emerged mighty, standing tall, breathing deep

Yet her high school farewell tour is cut short
No way to say goodbye to friends
No time to wave at those she held at bay
No knowing smile and nod to favorite teachers 

No final walk down quiet halls
No dance to go to or avoid
No pubic honors, final speeches, tossing of the tassels
No stern and silent pride
No moment in the sun 

Wandering narrower halls these days
On the edge of a world large and wide 
She looks for ways to say goodbye 
To her own high school self 

Robin J Phillips  April 18, 2020

Things I Know

A human’s foot fits neatly 
between the elbow and wrist 

Bees sometimes take a nap 
inside a flower.

It takes two years 
to grow a pineapple.

In Switzerland it is illegal to own 
just one guinea pig 
because they love each other so. 

Robin J Phillips  April 15, 2020

All the Emotions

Happy we’re together
Scared one of us might get sick
Worried for our family
Brave as we go to the store
Nervous as we go to the store
Excited to go for a long dog walk
Angry at those who don’t help
Love all the many many helpers

Craving the touch of strangers
Fearful of standing too close
Surprised when my resolve crumbles
Trust that we’ll get through this

~ Robin J Phillips  April 14, 2020