One Day At A Time

I’ve been up two hours 
And I think I’ll lie down here awhile
I’ll snuggle with our dog 
Who knows today is a ‘down day’
My head hurts
I don’t have a temperature
It’s not Covid
I assure you and you ask
Are you missing your Mom?
I miss everything

Robin J Phillips April 12, 2020

Lockdown Love Song

Let’s grow old together
Sitting on the bench with nowhere to go
Old together

Let’s be idle together
Staying up late and lying in longer
Laughing and scratching
Retelling stories we’ve shared 
Through the years

Let’s go walk together
Down to the lake
The rain will hold off
I hear the geese 
Have landed

There’s a bench by the lake
We’ll hold hands and sit
With nothing to do

~ Robin J Phillips  April 7, 2020


Welcome bright faces on the hillside
Green grass peppered with 
Little dots of sunshine

No vase can hold your beauty
So I’ll come back daily
Until the hill is covered with
Your puffy little parachutes

~ Robin J Phillips  April 3, 2020

Not Ready

I can’t write about my fear of losing you or you losing me
About how we plan our trips for groceries like a military maneuver
How we talked about rewriting our wills just in case
How we joke that people will be fighting over our dog if we have to leave him alone

I can’t write about how I’m not ready for our story to end

~ Robin J Phillips, March 29, 2020


Keeping Our Distance

A tiny blue butterfly flutters between us
as we hike down the path
six feet apart
catching up
catching our breath
catching some fresh air 

What a nice surprise
in the middle of our self-quarantines
our shelter at home
our abundance of caution
to meet on the path by the lake

~ Robin J Phillips, March 29, 2020