Ready for Guests

I kinda like the 
New World Order
Welcoming guests
Getting ready for a party
Planning a gathering of friends
Means blowing the leaves off the driveway

No longer do I have to shop and cook 
And set the table with 
My mother’s silver

Let’s just put out chairs
Six feet apart 
And gather on the drive 
With our own snacks 
And drinks 
And masks

Thank you for coming
To my humble home

~ Robin J Phillips  July 17, 2020

Morning on the Lake

Beautiful blue dragonflies
Appear at the bow of my kayak
As I head into the final cove
They hover nearby
Like tiny helicopters
Like sun-kissed swimmers 
Like lei-laden maidens
Coming to welcome me home

~ Robin J Phillips  July 16, 2020

Dimming of the Day

What a perfect end
To a  perfect day
With my perfect dog
Sitting on my feet
As we gaze outside
Toward the shiny lake
And the quiet light
Says good night
Good night

Robin J Phillips  July 1, 2020

Daily Exercise

I’m going to walk 
As far as I can
As briskly as I like
Until I run into a crowd
Of people playing cards
At picnic tables
Sitting at a distance
Over-eager in their 
Pursuit of fun
Their need for companionship
And then I’ll turn 
At a quickened pace
To the safety
Of my home

Robin J Phillips  June 30, 2020