Today’s big treat
Came from the birds
Tiny white splats in the driveway
Each one with its own special smell
You took your time with each of those little droplets
I took my time watching you

~ Robin J. Phillips, Nov. 1, 2020


I once called this room

As I walk 
through the door today
I breathe deep my mother’s perfume
I feel her hand on mine

~ Robin J Phillips  September. 22, 2020

Mom’s Old Room

For a year now, I’ve worked and read and thought
And started my mornings 
While lying in the bed next to where my mother
Spent her final days. 
My sweet dog and I 
get up early and slip into Mom’s old room 
With a cup of coffee and a burning
Desire for peace

~ Robin J Phillips  August 11, 2020

25th Week of Lockdown

Long-distance miles go by easier 
If you check them off
One telephone pole at a time

Push through to the next hill
Conquer your quiet mornings
Master every listless moment

An urge to stop for a coffee and chat
Or cool down with a crowd in the park 
Will subside if only I keep breathing 

In through my nose
And out through my mouth 
Whish whish whish 

Going the distance
Keeping a nice even pace 
One week at a time

~ Robin J Phillips September 10, 2020

Am I A Bird Watcher?

That is a big bird 
Soaring along the creek
And those are little brown birds
Rushing across the street

Why yes I am a bird watcher
For I observe and wonder in awe
At distinctions between 
A warble and a caw-caw 

But if you ask me if that duck 
Is the Greater or Lesser Scaup
I’ll squint and frown and shut you down
Cause what does it really matter

If its head is perfectly round
Or its entire wing is white
And besides lesser and greater
Seem a bit judgmental, right 

So leave me to my own devices
A birdwatcher I will be 
I’ve named the two who perch near my porch
Ricky and Lucy

~ Robin J Phillips  August 6, 2020