Personal Branding for Journalists = Relationships

Here is a link to the slides I used while talking with members of SPJ – the Society of Professional Journalists – and its western states members at their annual convention in Phoenix.

Bottom line:  Personal brand is more than your reputation.
“Personal brand is a collection of perceptions someone else has which describes the experience of having a relationship with you.”Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 5.26.22 PM

It is what you bring to the table. What makes you different, distinct from others who are similar. What makes you spectacular.  My session is 1 part strategy and tools and 4 parts therapy. Journalists, whether you are still in a newsroom or have moved on to another field, have skills that are very valuable in a wide range of jobs.

Enjoy the slides. Reach out to me if you’d like clarification or want to know more.

Personal Brand for Journalists @ SPJ 2016

Personal Branding for Journalists 2016



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