My job keeps me busy and like most of us, the day is made up of pieces. Move through the routine, start something new, fix a problem, talk about TV shows.

Every once in a while something about work just feels fantastic. I’ll have an interesting conversation with a reporter, this summer’s super intern turns in professional work, a former student touches base to share some success, or an idea that started in my head takes shape and adds value to all that we do.

This morning, I just love our homepage at   I’ll share it here.  |   And here’s another in early 2014.  | And another in February 2014.  What I like about these are the way they look, of course, but also how full they are of information that is useful for business journalists. |  The images below are what we call Trending Topic packages, resources and ideas that might help a reporter covering business.

Feb. 12, 2014        Feb. 12, 2014 080113 Aug. 1, 2013 Jan, 3, 2014 Jan, 3, 2014 April 24,2014 April 24,2014

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