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New book: The Marriage Battle

Our book, The Marriage Battle: A Family Tradition, is out and available from our publishers Villarosa Media.

NEW BOOK:marriagebookcovernoshadow-webpage

by Susan C. Green & Robin J. Phillips

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Thinking a lot about journalists

Plan B.  That’s what they call it.  Journalists who have been downsized, squeezed out, shown the door.  They start thinking about Plan B … that is once they get over what I call the Nancy Kerrigan stage of grief:

Plan Next

Plan B makes me think of second place, also ran, a choice you really didn’t want.  I think it’s much healthier to go through life with an open mind, planning for the next adventure, learning as much as you can and keeping a close eye on the writing on the wall.

Plan Next thinkers take control. Even if they don’t manage the whole transition, Plan Next folks manage their reactions and build on what’s gone before.  Build on their strengths.

In Arizona, people sometimes say, “I didn’t cross the border. The border crossed me.” Journalists can say, “I didn’t leave journalism. Journalism left me.”

Well, if journalism leaves you. Don’t look for Plan B. Be ready with a Plan Next.


Want to know more?  

I’m thinking about all of this as I put together a session on Personal Branding for Journalists for the Society of Professional Journalists Western Regional Conference in Phoenix in late April.  Full schedule is here.  Stop by. Make it your Plan Next.

Journalists must jump into social media: NENPA interview

Journalists are figuring out how to use social media to find and promote their stories. Editors and publishers are also seeing the value of social networking to boost viewership online.
Robin J. Phillips on ways journalists are using social media.