Not Ready

I can’t write about my fear of losing you or you losing me
About how we plan our trips for groceries like a military maneuver
How we talked about rewriting our wills just in case
How we joke that people will be fighting over our dog if we have to leave him alone

I can’t write about how I’m not ready for our story to end

~ Robin J Phillips, March 29, 2020


Keeping Our Distance

A tiny blue butterfly flutters between us
as we hike down the path
six feet apart
catching up
catching our breath
catching some fresh air 

What a nice surprise
in the middle of our self-quarantines
our shelter at home
our abundance of caution
to meet on the path by the lake

~ Robin J Phillips, March 29, 2020

I Come From

I come from many houses
I come from an Air Force family
I come from get your work done, then you play
I come from be smart, get good grades, read read read
I come from lying in the grass watching clouds with a book on my belly
I come from skateboards and bikes and building things with scrap wood
I come from girls can do anything boys can but boys don’t want to vacuum
I come from a house filled with Barbra Streisand and Getz-Gilberto
I come from parents drink and laugh and kids eat burgers on Friday
I come from catching fireflies and hide-and-seek
I come from strong women who stick together
I come from love hard and break easy

~ Robin J Phillips, March 27, 2020
This poem comes from a teaching prompt from Kate Clanchy

Going About Our Business


I wrote this one day before the first case of Covid-19 was revealed to be in our rural county. 

We look out the window
From a perch on the porch
And watch families with dogs
And grandkids and such
As they head down the path
Toward the lake and their day
Trying hard not to crumble
Trying hard not to say

How scared the news makes us
Of a virus not here yet
When the best we can do
Is do nothing but sit

~ Robin J. Phillips March 22, 2020